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After years of being unavailable, Dark Moon Diary Vol. 2 is now for sale on Kindle! If you don’t have a Kindle you can download the free Kindle App and read it on your computer/tablet/phone. I don’t know how many

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Constantine: Episode 10 Recap

Open on a child’s room. Enter- Demon from Supernatural! Ugh, Constantine. Ugh, Zed. Ugh, back story. The Resurrection Crusade wants me ’cause I’m a special little snowflake. No one get’s past my spellwork! Except all those monsters… Ugh! Not-Shia gets

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Recap Bonus Round: 12 Monkeys Episode 1

Question 1: Did this movie really warrant a TV show? Question 2: The world is actually an awesome place without people- no pollution, teeming animal life, endangered species make a come back… Disease lecture part 1000th. Every plague movie ever

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Constantine: Episode 9 Recap

[Guess what’s back! One of the worst genre shows on TV! And guess who is watching it? Me! Let the madness begin!] Last year on Constantine- we explained a whole bunch of stuff, and we are going to explain it

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The Golden Fangs! And Carmine! And YOU!

Hey all! I have a big favor to ask! I would like you all to go here and nominate Carmine Rojas for a Golden Fang award! It’s about the only thing I’m eligible for. I think… I mean seriously- it’s

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Tiny art for YOU!

Ever so slowly I’m adding items to my Etsy shop. Unfortunately this year has gotten off to a rough start and I haven’t had a lot of time to draw. But I did add ACEO Grab Bags! What the what?

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What I Need Now

Are better ideas. I need better plots. Deeper magic systems. Better writing. Better skills. Better characters. More interesting worldbuilding. Everything I do needs to be better, deeper, more interesting. But I don’t know HOW to do this. Sometimes I have

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