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Constantine: Episode 5 Recap

NOLA. Or a set pretending to be New Orleans. OMG! She has never seen Audition! (well, neither have I.) Or Carved- The Slit-Mouthed Woman! (which I have). Or a J-Horror movie at all! Just find something that guts you and

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Oh dearie me—

I heard that Constantine is not doing well and may be cancelled! Which means finding ANOTHER show to recap!!! ARG!!! If the DVR will cooperate it may be “The Librarians”. This is seriously getting old though! I should have tried

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The Blog Hop Continues!

A few days ago I posted about my WIP Tea Times Three and tagged Reggie Lutz (it should have been two people but I only know one right now who has a definitive WIP everyone else I know is working on

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Constantine: Episode 4 Recap

Le sigh… here we go… That’s the sweatiest guy I’ve ever seen in an airport. I declare you are sweaty. Is this airport jail? The bottle is a djin! (I’m guessing) Butterfingers McSecurityguard. Aaaaaaaaannnnnd I’m wrong! It’s roaches. Not Castiel!

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MC Bloghop! Tea Times Three beat down edition. (I don’t know what I’m saying…)

I was tagged by Sunny Frazier  to to participate in this blog hop wherein I talk about my WIP. Yay! Tea Time Three by Che Gilson The sleepy town of Midswich Maine is shaken when three witches arrive and open a

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Constantine: Episode 3 Recap

“The Devil’s Vinyl” ? This is not a promising beginning and I haven’t even hit play on the DVR. When bad installation artwork goes wrong. Floating squirrels?!?!? The dead animals get bigger the farther in you go. Owing to the

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Constantine: Episode 2 Recap

Open on an 1890s Coal mining town. Why eat when you can drink your dinner? That is the exact opposite of how a shower is a supposed to work. Whatnomancy??? Train derailment? How would they even pin that on you?

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