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Why you SHOULD shop Amazon this month

The publishing industry hates Amazon. Independent book stores hate Amazon. Yes, we should all hate Amazon. It is a mega corporation gutting profits from authors and publishers. Interested only in itself and it’s bottom line. It’s faceless corporate evil with

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Small Business

Welcome to Small Business Saturday! And you  know who else are small businesses? Artists and writers!! And guess what my small business is?! Mostly writing! I would pimp out my Etsy store but it’s on vacation mode while I pack

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A Change of Scenery!

In my latest blog post for the group Novel Spaces (a wonderful and diverse group blog of authors from all over which you should totally be checking out) I talk about living in the Central Valley of California and how

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I was the guest on part 4 for HowlOutCast’s Halloween extravaganza! We talked about horror movies for a couple hours and it was great fun! Check out the recording here or the link above!

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I’m in an Anthology!

That’s right! Soon I’ll be able to add one more book to the book page! It’s a superhero anthology called Caped!  My story is titled “Light Therapy” and it’s pretty good!

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Daredevil: Episode 11 Recap

Fisk wants to play doctor. Shut up old man! Karen comes bearing balloons. I walked into a car… Ah Karen… let’s make more wild assumptions! “You gave me you’re shirt and it made me feel safe?” Does she have low

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How To Not to Write a Novel

In case you don’t follow Novel Spaces Blog (and you really should! It’s a great blog with multiple authors in different phases of their careers all giving writing tip)- my comic series “How to Not to Write a Novel” updated

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