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So I have a Patreon now! I hope you’ll come by and give it a look and consider supporting me! Swing by and check it out!

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Update! I know it’s late!

Heeey! I have been working on things. Mostly I have been tweeting politics like it’s my job… BUT, I have gotten a few things done, such as– Slash and Burn Editing: I wrote an article for National Novel Editing Month

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Call your State and Federal Representative

I’m rather “phone shy” and I HATE cold calling anything! I have no idea what to say. So I thought I’d write a basic phone script for anyone out there who wants to call ┬átheir representatives but don’t quite know

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The Return of TV!!!!

No, seriously, this summer has been the showhole to end all showholes. BUT TV is back! The fall season has started and the A-list shows are upon us! I have thoughts on them! Lots of thoughts! First my two new

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The Strain S2 episode 10

The Strain Season 2 episode 10 “The Assassin” I seem to have badly miscalculated the time until premier and have 4 episodes left to recap! But bare with me! Dutch can’t skate by on her looks?! Sorry show, your casting

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The Strain S2 episode 9

The Strain season 2 episode 9 “The Battle for Red Hook” (My question is who wants it?) Eichorst needs a ferryman. Private party of vampires! Eichorst and Kelley are new BFFs. The plan is to do what the title of

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Tea Times Three Book Opening

There is a tradition in the Ball Jointed Doll community of posting a “box opening” photo shoot whenever a new doll arrives. Well, I like to do the exact same thing when a new BOOK arrives! I ordered some copies

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