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New OOAK Carmine Rojas Available

I have three Carmines left over from various events (I’ve had 2 this month) and I’m customizing them with original art- since I like to draw! And listing them for sale! So go check out Carmine Rojas: Dog Fight OOAK

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My Superpower!

Today my article/essay on “My Superpower” is live over on The Skiffy and Fanty Show. I am thrilled to be on such a prestigious blog! I was actually struggling to come up with exactly what my Superpower was until Julia

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Don’t watch the numbers

It’s useless. And a sure way to convince yourself that no one on the internet likes you and now you’re going to go eat some worms. I DON’T track my Twitter following- I don’t have one, my Twitter account is

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Constantine: Episode 1 Recap

Ok- Constantine finally aired. I would have been more excited if I’d known before-hand that David S. Goyer was helming it. I LOVE the first two Blade movies and the TV show and Threshold (which I’m STILL angry was cancelled).

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Tea Times Three is coming! Not very soon though….

OK! I’ve been mentioning stuff about Tea Time Three a lot- and since I mailed the contract in last week I thought I would debut for you the back cover blurb! Yays! The sleepy town of Midswich Maine is shaken

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The Strain: Episode 13 Recap

At long, loooong last! The final episode! I am so sorry it took forever! I went to a con and back, and got the contract for my next book with Black Opal sent out, and have been writing, writing, writing

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Con Report: Conjecture, San Diego CA

My adventure actually began Wednesday night, the day before I left. I was reading in the living room before bed and i heard something scratch across glass. I looked around but there was nothing on the windows and I was

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