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Daredevil: Episode 9 Recap

Let the agony begin… How unusual! Daredevil is getting hit in the face! Slightly better than average fight scene. And against a ninja? I don’t know. Some kind of vaguely racial stereotype villain… Back to the priest- I forgot about

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Daredevil: Episode 8 Reacp

Ugh. Just what I like to see first thing Voldemort in PJs. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named puts his pants on one lat a time like- OMG, and I’m bored already! I’m guessing the blood spattered tubby kid is baby┬áHe-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. The ruins of Daredevils

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Daredevil: Episode 7 Recap

Holy crap it’s been a while! Let’s see how much I remember… And we’re running… and we’re running… and we’re running.. And we’re shooting… And we’re borderline racist… Dear Lord- PLEASE let sword dude be Wes Studi… NOOOOO GODDAMMIT. Is

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No one really fucking starves anymore- but if so here is WHY.

I will tell you why artists starve- both writers and fine artists. It’s not for the fun or the glamour or the “paid-your-dues” of it all. 1- Art supplies are expensive. I went to art school. And at a certain

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