Constantine: Episode 10 Recap

Open on a child’s room.

Enter- Demon from Supernatural!

Ugh, Constantine.

Ugh, Zed.

Ugh, back story.

The Resurrection Crusade wants me ’cause I’m a special little snowflake.

No one get’s past my spellwork! Except all those monsters…

Ugh! Not-Shia gets back story too! Complete with Supernatural style soundtrack!

Hey Chaz, pick up the tab because sexcapades.

Here’s a sobriety spell  with a twist of lemon.

Fireworks in a small contained area is an awesome idea! Or completely contrived. Because no bar owner would allow that shit. John Tafford- where are you when we need you!

That band sucked way to much to try and save.

The Rising Darkness is already a celebutante!

Aleistaire Crowley’s bronzer.

Francis?!?! How do you get Chas out of Francis?

And plot point!

“We cam as fast as we could” Which was really fast since we were conveniently already on a plane.

Geraldine?! Nice name game Chas/Francis.

That bronzer came in handy.

Yet MORE “Constantine is bad- keep out”. Does anyone on the show NOT know what he did in Newcastle?

“I should be dead.” As dead as my acting!

I’ll have a Paranoid Medium Fennel.

Lubricant? That seems like a poor choice of words.

Whoa- roasted Fennel.

“You made me a promise” WTF dude! Constantine has been on the case for 5 minutes!

Rail yard or laboratory??

Shut up Not-Shia!

Let’s check out the place you just told me!

“According to the phone book?!?!”

“More dead ends. More wasted time. More whining!” You know, for Not-Shia begging for help he seems really fucking unable to accept it.

Welcome to my rail yard lab.

Grumpy old mages.

Demons embezzling your souls? Call John Constantine!

Callibasis, Calliban, Callababasan?

Shut up Not-Shia!

Nice Kitty!

Not-Shia has 47 lives?!

Demon Kitty bait.

Constantine can’t use a spell to light a fire? Isn’t that like Magic 101?!

Never mind the spell and the circle and the planning, cattle prod!

Constantine is the number 2 cause of divorce in the U.S.


Not-Shia goes rogue.

Mint chocolate chip cake?

32 bottles of souls on the wall, 32 bottles of souls, you take one down and pass it around and what do  you have? 31 bottles of souls on the wall.

Ugh, Zed.

Renee found Zed’s crib notes for the episode.

Chas should have locked Constantine in the trunk.

Deploy sinew!

Aaaand explode!

And unnecessary back story!

Ugh. Happy ending.

That was Susan Smith- I already used up her life. Tripped on a banana peel and fell down some stairs.

Mama drama.

In a hospital bed built for two.

And scene!

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