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So I have a Patreon now! I hope you’ll come by and give it a look and consider supporting me! Swing by and check it out! Advertisements

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New Art for sale! Proceeds go to fight tr*mp

I have renewed my Etsy store with new art AND I am donating all proceeds from my shop to various causes dedicated to fighting tr*mp and his insane agenda of destruction and fascism. Each month I will choose a new

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A brand new Redbubble Design!

So I finally got another “Books and Cats and Tea” design done. The original version is my bestselling shirt so I thought I’d add some variety. I also updated the products, and as always- there is also a “Books and

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How To Not to Write a Novel

In case you don’t follow Novel Spaces Blog (and you really should! It’s a great blog with multiple authors in different phases of their careers all giving writing tip)- my comic series “How to Not to Write a Novel” updated

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New comic pages up!

Posted TWO whole pages of “How to Not to Write a Novel” on Novel Spaces blog! I needed to make up for last month when my printer/scanner was out of ink and would not scan!!!  

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How To Not To Write A Novel 2-pg Special!

My special 2-page comic on what it’s like to be an author is live! I’s up on Novel Spaces​ blog right now! I’m pretty proud of this one- I managed a table-flipping panel! LOL! Also- apologies to those waiting on

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Tiny art for YOU!

Ever so slowly I’m adding items to my Etsy shop. Unfortunately this year has gotten off to a rough start and I haven’t had a lot of time to draw. But I did add ACEO Grab Bags! What the what?

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