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Kitty Wizards and cute Witches

Well I managed to get two more sketch original done for my Etsy shop! I’m even working on two more pieces that should be up in a week or so. And, some good writing news! I received the Sentient Squid

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New Art for sale! Proceeds go to fight tr*mp

I have renewed my Etsy store with new art AND I am donating all proceeds from my shop to various causes dedicated to fighting tr*mp and his insane agenda of destruction and fascism. Each month I will choose a new

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Tiny art for YOU!

Ever so slowly I’m adding items to my Etsy shop. Unfortunately this year has gotten off to a rough start and I haven’t had a lot of time to draw. But I did add ACEO Grab Bags! What the what?

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Here’s a Picture of a bunny girl!

The reason I don’t do writing updates- like list my projects and or word count, is, aside from the fact that I’m not convinced people care, but also because what I’m working on changes! It’s of no interest to anyone

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