Gearing up for Orycon!

Well, I’m not actually attending, BUT I will have art for sale in the OryCon 39 artshow! Yay! I will have some new work available, as well as those pieces which have yet to sell.

Here is a teaser of the newly completed “Autumn Mouse” watercolor. And, if you would like to see the entire process of painting this piece, you can become one of my Patrons! I post art, process pics, teasers, photography and you have the chance to buy art early and for less than I charge at cons.

Mouse teaser

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My Patreon, with moss on trees

I sure with I had some Dog Ranger patrons! I am really pleased with my nature photography! Even if it is 90% extreme close-ups of moss growing on trees. Anyway- if you want to get lots pf pics of moss growing on trees that you can download become my Patron!
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So I have a Patreon now! I hope you’ll come by and give it a look and consider supporting me! Swing by and check it out!

Dog Ranger

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Kitty Wizards and cute Witches

Well I managed to get two more sketch original done for my Etsy shop! I’m even working on two more pieces that should be up in a week or so.

And, some good writing news! I received the Sentient Squid Scholarship to attend the 5 week Writing the Other Workshop! This is something that I’ll be able to carry with me throughout my writing career (if I ever have one). And I’m very excited! I applied at the last minute, because I didn’t know about the scholarship until two days before the deadline! But it’s there! Check out the site and you too can apply! I had doubts too, I figured my writing sample wouldn’t be strong enough, or good enough, and I’m also writing children’s fiction and I wasn’t sure if that was the sort of author they were looking for. ANYWAY, I won!

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Update! I know it’s late!

Heeey! I have been working on things. Mostly I have been tweeting politics like it’s my job… BUT, I have gotten a few things done, such as–

Slash and Burn Editing: I wrote an article for National Novel Editing Month 🙂 I am currently editing two novels. One of them is an R&R (revise and resubmit) from a small press. Which is exciting! But I found myself doing ANOTHER slash and burn editing job. Part of the the revision request was the  pacing. Which means I need to tighten up the manuscript and get events going. So I’ve been aiming to cut about 10K. However, it’s a Middle Grade novel and 57K so 10K might be too deep a cut. So far I have cut about 7K which is pretty good. And mine is not the only article. For the full list go here and see if you pick up some new tips and tricks.

And I have updated my Etsy shop with two new pieces! All sales from my Etsy shop go to a different organization each month, all of them dedicated to fighting tr*mp! This month’s sales go to Jon Ossoff, the democratic nominee for Tim Price’s old seat in GA’s 6th district.

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New Art for sale! Proceeds go to fight tr*mp

I have renewed my Etsy store with new art AND I am donating all proceeds from my shop to various causes dedicated to fighting tr*mp and his insane agenda of destruction and fascism. Each month I will choose a new organization to donate too.

I hope you’ll consider buying some art 🙂 And donating to worthy causes.

This work is different from the art I sell at conventions and will not be sold at cons.

Here are the first four pieces.



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A brand new Redbubble Design!

So I finally got another “Books and Cats and Tea” design done. The original version is my bestselling shirt so I thought I’d add some variety. I also updated the products, and as always- there is also a “Books and Dogs and Tea” design as well!

You can visit my Redbubble store here


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