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Debut author CHE GILSON is bringing forth her DOG FIGHT into the Swamp! #newread #BOB

Originally posted on Jami Gray's Blog:
May is our month of visitors, and today’s is the multi-talented CHE GILSON, one of Black Opal’s newest authors. Her debut release, DOG FIGHT, will hit shelves soon, so keep an eye out.…

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Failed At Life Award

I drew this last week and I’ve been working on getting it done/shaded with inkwash. It is AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ON DEVIANT ART! Which means that you too can own your own Failed at Life Award 🙂 Click here  You will

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Begin at the Beginning-

And when you get to the end stop. That’s how you write a novel. Lesson over. Word by word. Sentence by sentence, until you have a complete first draft. Outline if you need to. Pants it if you need to.

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Inspiration Place

I found a nifty little site, it’s children, teacher, and family friendly, called Storybird It starts with art. You pick a painting by one of the site’s artists and write a story about the picture. It’s a great exercise if

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More dolls! I have quite a few of them now! But I thought it’d be a good break from writing and posts and what not.  

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I just made my first sale on Redbubble! I sold a sticker! This one! Yay! Maybe this will break the ice! I have a lot of products up now and I’m making more! Check out my shop! And sorry for

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So much for the Writer’s Voice contest. I can’t help being sad that I wasn’t picked. But it’s off to query through regular channels now. At least you all got to see Tweedy! I’m happy with that. One of the

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