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Kitty Wizards and cute Witches

Well I managed to get two more sketch original done for my Etsy shop! I’m even working on two more pieces that should be up in a week or so. And, some good writing news! I received the Sentient Squid

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New Art for sale! Proceeds go to fight tr*mp

I have renewed my Etsy store with new art AND I am donating all proceeds from my shop to various causes dedicated to fighting tr*mp and his insane agenda of destruction and fascism. Each month I will choose a new

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A brand new Redbubble Design!

So I finally got another “Books and Cats and Tea” design done. The original version is my bestselling shirt so I thought I’d add some variety. I also updated the products, and as always- there is also a “Books and

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ALL Etsy sales go to charity

OK- this will be prefaced with a lot of negative things about me as an artist- just shut up and let me get there! (I will also post this at a more reasonable hour- I am doing what most of

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Westercon Day 2

My continuing adventures and misadventures at Westercon! So I got up on time but didn’t ¬†get out the door until late so I arrived a few minutes before the first panel I wanted to go to which was 10 am.

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Westercon Day 1

Well I got out later than I was hoping. I really wanted to get out at 8 am but it turned out to be 9 am. So I arrived at the Portland Doubletree, site of Westercon 69 at 10 a.m.

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Frantically Painting

Sorry for the radio silence! I am frantically preparing for Westercon 69! Which means painting my final pieces! I’m pretty happy with what I have so far but really want to make sure I use my panels wisely. I don’t

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