Update! I know it’s late!

Heeey! I have been working on things. Mostly I have been tweeting politics like it’s my job… BUT, I have gotten a few things done, such as–

Slash and Burn Editing: I wrote an article for National Novel Editing Month đŸ™‚ I am currently editing two novels. One of them is an R&R (revise and resubmit) from a small press. Which is exciting! But I found myself doing ANOTHER slash and burn editing job. Part of the the revision request was the  pacing. Which means I need to tighten up the manuscript and get events going. So I’ve been aiming to cut about 10K. However, it’s a Middle Grade novel and 57K so 10K might be too deep a cut. So far I have cut about 7K which is pretty good. And mine is not the only article. For the full list go here and see if you pick up some new tips and tricks.

And I have updated my Etsy shop with two new pieces! All sales from my Etsy shop go to a different organization each month, all of them dedicated to fighting tr*mp! This month’s sales go to Jon Ossoff, the democratic nominee for Tim Price’s old seat in GA’s 6th district.

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