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What I Need Now

Are better ideas. I need better plots. Deeper magic systems. Better writing. Better skills. Better characters. More interesting worldbuilding. Everything I do needs to be better, deeper, more interesting. But I don’t know HOW to do this. Sometimes I have

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A sad beginning.

Blerg! Tired and depressed with head cold! Not a good start to the year. Also- what to do with my unilaterally rejected Middle Grade Novel “The Bird Fairies”? There isn’t much of a market for self published children’s books. Not

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Mayday! We are a series down!

Well Gotham is NOT on the On Demand. At least not on MY On Demand! Grrr!! Is Constantine ever coming back? Will I ever find another series to recap? Does anyone have any suggestions?? I have no idea what’s coming

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The Year in Review

This year has been a long slow decline punctuated by brief flashes of hope that guttered and died as quick as lightning. A narrow winding road cut in foot hills with a sheer drop on one side and a lichen

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Brand New Etsy Listings

So while I have little motivation to do much, I have decided to list the ACEOs also known as Artist Trading Cards, also known as TINY ORIGINAL ART WORK YOU CAN BUY FOR CHEAP, to my Etsy shop. Feel free

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I sort of keep freaking out that I need to write more and faster. I’m super impatient and afraid nothing good will happen. And I’m getting old for nothing good to happen.  

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Goddammit Rafflecopter!

Once upon a time, there was a really simple, easy to use, and attractive Givaway app on Facebook. Unfortunatley that app no longer exists and everyone in the kingdom was forced to use Rafflecopter. A confusing app that makes Facebook

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