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Luna Station Quarterly Best Of Anthology!

OK! Sorry for the lack of updates! I am i n the middle of moving (sort of) and everything is up in the air! BUT here is an interview with me on Luna Station Quarterly! And if you were still

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Daredevil Episode 6 Recap

Pfft- they’ll never arrest him, or the show would be over. Goddammit. Not every cop can be corrupt. Well I guess Voldemort is missing one Russian. Sorry, He-Who-Must-Not-Named. What, are we out of post-it notes? You’re NOT going to cover

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The Best Of Luna Station Quarterly

I’m very happy to say that my short story “Fight or Flight” was selected for this anthology! It was the first story I submitted to them and it had been rejected by any number of other e-zines. BUT not only

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Daredevil Episode 5 Recap

(Maybe someone will die again!!! Fingers crossed!) Think Daredevil’s ¬†great now?? You only cook for the girls who keep alive? MY God what happened to the rest of them?? You can taste copper in the air? Why not smell? And

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Daredevil Episode 4 Recap

So where did we leave off??? Nope. And STILL too nice for a Russian prison. Corpses! The gift that keeps on giving! Did Daredevil actually kill someone??? Daredevil don’t care about no coma he left a guy in. And again-

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