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The Strain: Episode 2 Recap

Damn! That box is scary! Or, I have the good sense to run the fuck away. Samwise is NOT a doctor. We need to go home…and kill stuff. My lawyer is a Nazi douchbag?! Worms are gross. Blood hungry worms

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The Strain: Episode 1 Recap

There’s something under the plane, let’s look. Oops. Waah! I’m losing my family because I’m a controlling jerk! Pity me! Damn! Old man got some ninja skillz! People’s heads pop like grapes if you hit them hard enough. Why is

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FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY! (again…. or still…)

Ok! I AM HAVING ANOTHER RAFFLE!!! This time I am using the EVENT feature on Face Book! Go HERE  Then RSVP to the event before the deadline and you will be entered in the raffle! It’s that simple! Also, only two

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I’m a winner!

I just won a gift card from Buried Under Books!  I guess it’s not big news, but it’s big news for me! It’s something good that happened unexpectedly, and that doesn’t happen very often. Not to me anyway! 

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I sort of keep freaking out that I need to write more and faster. I’m super impatient and afraid nothing good will happen. And I’m getting old for nothing good to happen.  

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Goddammit Rafflecopter!

Once upon a time, there was a really simple, easy to use, and attractive Givaway app on Facebook. Unfortunatley that app no longer exists and everyone in the kingdom was forced to use Rafflecopter. A confusing app that makes Facebook

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I think. Sorta! I’m trying out Rafflecopter on Facebook because the other free giveaway app on FB doesn’t work any more? SO, hypothetically if you click HERE and like my FB arts page, you be entered to win this ACEO. I

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