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The Strain S2 ep3 Recap

Episode 3: Fort Defiance OMG! Bolivar the Goth. I forgot about him! Still rockin’ that wig huh B? Bag of dirt comes with surprise worms. Goths travels in packs. And back to sciencing! Science score 1. Eph is the only

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Tea Times Three Book Opening

There is a tradition in the Ball Jointed Doll community of posting a “box opening” photo shoot whenever a new doll arrives. Well, I like to do the exact same thing when a new BOOK arrives! I ordered some copies

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The Strain: S2 ep2 Recap

Season 2 episode 2: By Any Means Illegal human experimentation for the win! Dear Satrakian- Love you, from Fet. Flashback 65! One time I had a real job. Gah!!! It’s little baby Palmer! You believe in vampires and so do

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The Strain Season 2 ep 1 Recap

All right! It’s recap time again! The Strain premiers in August and I never got to recap it because I didn’t have cable this time last year. But I have the entirety of season 2 on my DVR and recap

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Westercon Day 3 (technically 4)

I skipped day three so today was my Day 3 but today was actually Day 4 of the con. Either way it was the last day of Westercon! Time for the last few panels and one final turn around the

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Westercon Day 2

My continuing adventures and misadventures at Westercon! So I got up on time but didn’t ¬†get out the door until late so I arrived a few minutes before the first panel I wanted to go to which was 10 am.

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Westercon Day 1

Well I got out later than I was hoping. I really wanted to get out at 8 am but it turned out to be 9 am. So I arrived at the Portland Doubletree, site of Westercon 69 at 10 a.m.

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