Howl Out Cast– Podcast all about werewolves! I derp a lot… And my voice is so nasal!! Why do I sound like this??

Back Porch Writer Interview – Listen to me talk like doof!

“My Superpower” on The Skiffy and Fanty Show

“Meet Che Gilson! A Spotty Blog Interview”

Luna Station Quarterly

Jane Friedman’s 5 On series

“Tell Me”: Jennifer Brozek’s site


Pod Casts:

Howl Out Cast episode 136– I talk horror movies with HowlOutCast host Kaijudo

Howl Out Cast episode 146-Che Gilson and Kaijudo review “Uncaged” a new indie werewolf film from Director: Daniel Robbins, Writers: Mark Rapaport, Daniel Robbins. No spoilers in the first half of the show, then we spoil the shit out of it in the second half

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