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Carmine Rojas: Dog Fight on Nook 


4 comments on “Books
  1. César Eduardo says:

    His works of art are magnificent Che Gilson, I have volume 1 Dark Moon Diary, which for me is the sleeves ums that most caught my attention.

  2. lindamthorne says:

    I saw the “crawl in a hole and die” remark here (I think from your Twitter account). I’ll buy your newest book. I’m so busy and I’m behind on my reading. Chi, just tell me the name of it and I’ll go on Amazon or somewhere to buy it. If I get time to read it, I’ll definitely leave a review. Don’t worry, I never leave a bad review. If I can’t say anything good about a book (which never happens with me anyway), then I wouldn’t leave any review.

    Please don’t fret over this.

    • chexgilson says:

      The name of the book is Carmine Rojas Dog Fight. It’s on Amazon and even Nook 🙂

      It was the press release giving me a fit that makes me want to crawl in a hole! It’s tough! Like writing a mini article about yourself in the third person.

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