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A brand new Redbubble Design!

So I finally got another “Books and Cats and Tea” design done. The original version is my bestselling shirt so I thought I’d add some variety. I also updated the products, and as always- there is also a “Books and

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The Strain S2 episode 13

The Strain Season 2 episode 13 “Night Train”! The end at last!! Isn’t night train a cheap liquor? Or a Guns and Roses song? Or both? Sooo, the human slaughterhouse is progressing nicely. Yes, it’s a Nazi-I mean European model

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The secret nerd origins of Tea Times Three!

Find out how my novel Tea Times Three came to be titled Tea Times Three, and many other weird and wonderful things in my interview on No Wasted Ink I’m also always up for interviews, podcasts, and general literary mayhem!

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Westercon Day 3 (technically 4)

I skipped day three so today was my Day 3 but today was actually Day 4 of the con. Either way it was the last day of Westercon! Time for the last few panels and one final turn around the

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Tea Times Three Lost Chapters #2

As I continue to celebrate the release of Tea Times Three , I present to you: The lost chapters! Chapter 2. This one also ended up on the editing room floor. It does provide a lot of back ground, though arguably

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Tea Times Three Cover Reveal

That’s right! At long last my #novel Tea Times Three is coming out! The release date 5/21 so mark your calendars!! I’ll also be having a special on Carmine Rojas so I’ll let you know when that goes now! You’ll

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Small Business

Welcome to Small Business Saturday! And you ¬†know who else are small businesses? Artists and writers!! And guess what my small business is?! Mostly writing! I would pimp out my Etsy store but it’s on vacation mode while I pack

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