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Mayday! We are a series down!

Well Gotham is NOT on the On Demand. At least not on MY On Demand! Grrr!! Is Constantine ever coming back? Will I ever find another series to recap? Does anyone have any suggestions?? I have no idea what’s coming

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My interview on Howl Out Cast

I was on the Howl Out Cast episode 107 yesterday, a podcast dedicated to all things werewolf! So give it a listen! It was pretty fun and I’m sure I sound like a crazy person! LOL!

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The Year in Review

This year has been a long slow decline punctuated by brief flashes of hope that guttered and died as quick as lightning. A narrow winding road cut in foot hills with a sheer drop on one side and a lichen

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Constantine: Episode 8 Recap

Open on a Gothic moor. I mean Mexico. Cathedral/maternity hospital/convent/cafegymatorium. Dementors ate my baby! Ugh… Zed… Ugh… Constantine… Aaaand scene. No? Too much to hope for? Ivanche? Ivaunche? Ceviche? They all went out in the last flood? How many have

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Constantine : Episode 7 Recap

Open on a dirt road in Der South. Church of stupidity with snakes! Thank you for the infodump church lady. Your choice of snake matters. Not exactly a charismatic speaker is he? Serpent might not be able to conquer you

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Constantine: Episode 6 Recap

*I forgot I deleted an episode and I thought this was ep. 5* Open on The Haunted Mansion. When fireplaces attack! OK- seriously, are you sure I’m not watching Supernatural. Dude on the ceiling? (and my first “seriously” of the

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How To Not to Write a Novel #3

Got it done last night! Things have been so busy I forgot about it! OMG!! But click HERE to go check it out 🙂 And because it was so last minute I didn’t quite get out what I wanted to say.

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