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Tea Times Three: The Lost Chapters #3

Here is is! The final Lost Chapter of Tea Times Three- which you can totally BUY here!! A lot more chapters and scenes were also cut by the time I finished, mostly due to HOW the book got written. I

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Tea Times Three Lost Chapters #2

As I continue to celebrate the release of Tea Times Three , I present to you: The lost chapters! Chapter 2. This one also ended up on the editing room floor. It does provide a lot of back ground, though arguably

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52 Stories- #11

Ever since coming home from the Rainforest Writer’s Retreat I’ve been writing one short story a week. I got the idea from James Van Pelt and he got the idea from Ray Bradbury who said that a new author should

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Tea Times Three: The Lost Chapters #1

After getting feedback from a friend in my critique group I cut the first three chapters of Tea Times Three! But I thought it would be fun to post them here! Here is the former  Chapter 1 of Tea Times

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Tea Times Three Cover Reveal

That’s right! At long last my #novel Tea Times Three is coming out! The release date 5/21 so mark your calendars!! I’ll also be having a special on Carmine Rojas so I’ll let you know when that goes now! You’ll

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