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Westercon Art Preview!

I posted this elsewhere as well but I wanted you all to see a preview of some of the paintings I will be selling at Westercon. So far I have about 5 pieces I really like and two more in

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Let Boaty Sail free

LOL! I actually think this is a really cute name for a research vessel and I don’t think it lowers credibility. I think people are intimidated by science a little and this makes it approachable. Also, science needs to be

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Sooo- I’m attempting another #giveaway! This time for Twitter followers! I finally broke 200 followers. So I’m giving away a small watercolor painting. You can enter by retweeting the tweet. I’ll contact the winner April 30, 2016 on twitter.

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Snow Queen

Here is a preview of one of the watercolor paintings I’m going to be showing and selling at Westercon 69 in Portland Oregon. This is the first time in years I’ve purchased space in a convention art show. So wish

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5 On: Writing Interview

Hello all!! My novel Tea Times Three comes out in May- in the meantime I have an interview¬†on Jane Friedman’s website! I talk about a lot of things, art, writing, success, failure, the stuff of life!! LOL! So check it

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