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Dear Democrats in Office

Dear Democrats in office, We are expecting you to block the Bigot-in-Chief at every turn. Bring congress to a crushing halt. Drag your heels on everything. Filibuster. Dig in. Walk out. Waste time and money. Just like the repulicans did

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Luna Station Quarterly Best Of Anthology!

OK! Sorry for the lack of updates! I am i n the middle of moving (sort of) and everything is up in the air! BUT here is an interview with me on Luna Station Quarterly! And if you were still

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Kiki, Sugar, and Usagi-chan

I took three dolls to a doll convention and they had a lovely diorama set up for people to take pictures in. So of course I took doll pics!      

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More dolls! I have quite a few of them now! But I thought it’d be a good break from writing and posts and what not.  

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