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Daredevil Episode 3 Recap

Nothing good can come from bowling. “I love the smell of fresh guns in the morning.” Or my name ain’t Turkberry? What? Wow! Some action! And actual death! Wait, he wiped off the gun but still touched it to put

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Daredevil Episode 2 recap

I’m so sorry I haven’t been keeping up!! Anyway- ONWARD! Or should I say- Excelsior! Or will I be sued for that? Blood on the highway! Oh come on! You live in NYC! this can’t be the first dude you’ve

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Daredevil Episode 1 Recap

It’s all I could find!!! *sob* I know, everyone has already seen it. But seriously- I don’t have cable for now! So Daredevil it is! FYI- I know NOTHING about Daredevil! I’ve never read the comics. I saw a tiny

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Where am I and what am I doing??

Well I’m moving! And all my stuff is packed! And I am busy and overwhelmed and WORSE THAN ALL OF THAT I HAVE NO CABLE!! If I can find the time I will try to recap a Netflix series! In

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