What I Need Now

Are better ideas. I need better plots. Deeper magic systems. Better writing. Better skills. Better characters. More interesting worldbuilding.

Everything I do needs to be better, deeper, more interesting.

But I don’t know HOW to do this. Sometimes I have a good idea for a unique magic system but no characters or plot. Maybe I have an interesting character but only a basic and boring plot, or a mundane magic system.  Or maybe a great concept and characters and interesting magic, but bloated and unwieldy writing.

I have no idea how to make it all of these elements come together in one thing that is actually good.

I THOUGHT I’d done pretty well with my Middle Grade novel. But obviously it hasn’t been enough. I write- or used to write, pretty consistently. My theory of art has always been that quantity will eventually lead to quality. But now I’m not so sure.

Going on into 2015 the only writing goal I have BETTER. Which is pretty damn vague. But I also have a “wish” list of sorts. Random writerly things that can’t be bought (or possibly could be bought for much much more than I could pay.)

2015 Writerly wishlist

1- A consistent and engaged critique group.

2- More authors and possibly more published authors than myself to talk about projects with. I’d like to spitball and be able to talk about the problems in my work and blocks in my ideas with more than one person. I’d like to get more perspectives.

3- Critiques on more of my manuscripts.  Not that I’ve finished anything lately.

4- Writer friends to talk to about writing and plots and ideas.

5- Better ideas! Better plots! Better character! Better writing skills!

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