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Daredevil: Episode 11 Recap

Fisk wants to play doctor. Shut up old man! Karen comes bearing balloons. I walked into a car… Ah Karen… let’s make more wild assumptions! “You gave me you’re shirt and it made me feel safe?” Does she have low

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How To Not to Write a Novel

In case you don’t follow Novel Spaces Blog (and you really should! It’s a great blog with multiple authors in different phases of their careers all giving writing tip)- my comic series “How to Not to Write a Novel” updated

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Daredevil: Episode 10 Recap

He STILL looks to pretty after that fight. Ugh, Froggy. Froggy plays the “faking disability” card. OMFG!!! College Froggy is WORSE!!?!? How is that possible?!?! “You are a hero! Let’s smoke some weed and listen to Nirvana.” OMG! Froggy’s experimental

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