My Patreon, with moss on trees

I sure with I had some Dog Ranger patrons! I am really pleased with my nature photography! Even if it is 90% extreme close-ups of moss growing on trees. Anyway- if you want to get lots pf pics of moss growing on trees that you can download become my Patron!
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4 comments on “My Patreon, with moss on trees
  1. winterelf2 says:

    it is a cool moss-on-tree pic.

    Are you excited for the Eclipse – seeing as how you are smack dab – no need to travel.

    • chexgilson says:

      🙂 Thanks! I LOVE taking pictures of moss growing on trees! Actually moss grows on EVERYTHING here- it’s super cool- I love it!

      I AM excited for the eclipse! Got some glasses for it and I set my phone alarm. We should have a good view on out block and or, a block away. It might pay to walk up the hill for a better view.

      • winterelf2 says:

        I look forward to your pictures – during the blackout 🙂

        careful not to point your phone or camera at the eclipse unless you have a phone/camera filter

  2. chexgilson says:

    I don’t have a filter do I’m wondering HOW to get pics…

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