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The Return of TV!!!!

No, seriously, this summer has been the showhole to end all showholes. BUT TV is back! The fall season has started and the A-list shows are upon us! I have thoughts on them! Lots of thoughts! First my two new

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You CAN and CAN’T make a living writing

There was an article floating around Facebook the other day by an author named Merritt Tierce. The article’s title is, “I Published My Debut Novel to Critical Acclaim- and Then I Promptly Went Broke” which is pretty self-explanatory. But I

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The Strain S2 episode 13

The Strain Season 2 episode 13 “Night Train”! The end at last!! Isn’t night train a cheap liquor? Or a Guns and Roses song? Or both? Sooo, the human slaughterhouse is progressing nicely. Yes, it’s a Nazi-I mean European model

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The Strain S2 episode 12

Episode 12 “Fallen Light” Flashback- Not that Long Ago Samwise! I miss him… Ephraim will burn your barn down! *coughdoctorhottie* USAMRIID is NOT just all about bioweapons! How would you like to work under me? I mean– Whoa! They still

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