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Frantically Painting

Sorry for the radio silence! I am frantically preparing for Westercon 69! Which means painting my final pieces! I’m pretty happy with what I have so far but really want to make sure I use my panels wisely. I don’t

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Westercon Art Preview!

I posted this elsewhere as well but I wanted you all to see a preview of some of the paintings I will be selling at Westercon. So far I have about 5 pieces I really like and two more in

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Sooo- I’m attempting another #giveaway! This time for Twitter followers! I finally broke 200 followers. So I’m giving away a small watercolor painting. You can enter by retweeting the tweet. I’ll contact the winner April 30, 2016 on twitter.

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Snow Queen

Here is a preview of one of the watercolor paintings I’m going to be showing and selling at Westercon 69 in Portland Oregon. This is the first time in years I’ve purchased space in a convention art show. So wish

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A little magic

  I sketch at ¬†conventions in panels. It might look like I’m not focusing on what’s being said but the opposite is true! I take notes and sketch and listen and focus. ¬†This little mouse wizard was one of the

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Happy Valentine’s Day

I know, it’s late. and it’s nothing that anyone following this (writing) blog will care about. BUT here’s some Pokemon fanart for you all!!      

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Pfft! No one cares!

I just realized, no one cares about anyone else’s writing goals! I was going to post mine, but honestly, doesn’t every author out there post their writing goals. And who cares? If they actually execute them, then maybe. But on

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