Westercon Day 1

Well I got out later than I was hoping. I really wanted to get out at 8 am but it turned out to be 9 am. So I arrived at the Portland Doubletree, site of Westercon 69 at 10 a.m. But there was plenty of time to set up for the art show.

I have a total of 18 pieces in the art show, but a lot of other people crammed their panels so I still came up short. I think I could have got 20-23 pieces up. More if they were small.

Once done with set-up I went to a panel on creating 3d worlds- it wasn’t a worldbuilding panel it was actually about virtual realities. Which posed a lot of really interesting questions and has a little bit to do with the LitRPG I keep noodling with.

Next up was a panel about other conventions in the Pacific Northwest. I got some great info! Unfortunately some of the ones I’d really like to go to are only weeks away and I can’t afford them right now.

Then I signed up for two of the Kaffeeklatches. The first was with Cat Rambo and the second was with Bean editor Jim Minz. Both of them were great fun.

But then it was 5 so I took a spin around the dealers room, and found way to many books I wanted!

And lastly, I couldn’t help myself and I swung through the art show to see if anyone was bidding on my art. And sure enough- ONE little watercolor had one little bid.

While I was pricing my work I set a really low bid on one of my 8×10 watercolors and I felt really bad about it. I ALWAYS under value my art and I finally decided not too. I know I probably won’t sell much but I feel better on the inside even if I’m not going to make up the money I spent on the con.  But I feel like it’s a step in the right direction for me. Just a tiny bit more confidence. I little more “I am worth something”.

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4 comments on “Westercon Day 1
  1. morganbrilliant says:

    Sounds like fun. Good for you, not undervaluing your art. Maybe you’ll get another bid!

    • chexgilson says:

      I actually sold a piece!! Someone just put in the but it now price. And a few others have bids. Strangely random pieces too. I though the mermaids would do better. I’m also thinking I should buy art space at furry cons too. I think they might be responsive. Though that’s always a toss-up because I can’t draw the cartoon animal/muzzled type characters, like Zootopia. I tent toward more cartoony than that.

  2. winterelf2 says:

    westercon sounds awesome. I hope you have tons of fun and sell lots! A bid on the first day is actually pretty good, as most just look on the first day. I am curious as to what art you did – did you take any pictures?

    • chexgilson says:

      I took some snaps of my art before it went up, but I haven’t taken a pic of the display 😦 My camera is crap and my phone camera is crap so I’m kind of stuck right now between cameras. But I checked back on my art yesterday and a couple more things sold! Like wow! Although I was told by Lee Moyer I’m not charging enough! But I figure it’s a good start since I haven’t done an art show since the anime cons in the early 90s.

      Westercon IS fun! It’s not too big and not too small. And get this- There is a con dedicated to British Media here!!! It’s in WA but I thought of you! It’s 80% Dr Who and 20% other popular British stuff! It’s called Anglicon 🙂

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