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Gearing up for Orycon!

Well, I’m not actually attending, BUT I will have art for sale in the OryCon 39 artshow! Yay! I will have some new work available, as well as those pieces which have yet to sell. Here is a teaser of

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Sooo- I’m attempting another #giveaway! This time for Twitter followers! I finally broke 200 followers. So I’m giving away a small watercolor painting. You can enter by retweeting the tweet. I’ll contact the winner April 30, 2016 on twitter.

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No one really fucking starves anymore- but if so here is WHY.

I will tell you why artists starve- both writers and fine artists. It’s not for the fun or the glamour or the “paid-your-dues” of it all. 1- Art supplies are expensive. I went to art school. And at a certain

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Here’s a Picture of a bunny girl!

The reason I don’t do writing updates- like list my projects and or word count, is, aside from the fact that I’m not convinced people care, but also because what I’m working on changes! It’s of no interest to anyone

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Did some art for my friend Suzanne Mcleod of her character from the series. Check it out if you like urban fantasy!     This is Genny, the main character, she’s a Sidhe Fae who lives in London.  

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