ALL Etsy sales go to charity

OK- this will be prefaced with a lot of negative things about me as an artist- just shut up and let me get there! (I will also post this at a more reasonable hour- I am doing what most of you did last night- stay awake in terror)
So here is my Etsy shop Gothic Dollie
I don’t think this will work. I’m not much of an artists, and every time I do something it pretty much fails. BUT I’m going to try to do the only thing I can do even though I’m not much of an artist and people don’t really buy my art.
In light of the election I am going to donate all the proceeds from my Etsy shop to a different charity every month. It might not be much (probably nothing judging by how often my art sells…) but just in case someone out there wants an ACEO I thought I’d give it a try.
So for this month I’ll donate the proceeds to Planned Parenthood.
In the bizarre event that this actually works I’ll make more ACEOs. It will just be ACEOs- sorry about that, but I need my big paintings to sell at conventions.
I;m also guessing that those of you out there with money are already donating and don’t need to buy ugly art in order to do so… but I thought I’d try since I don’t really have the money to donate to anything….
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