Westercon Day 2

My continuing adventures and misadventures at Westercon! So I got up on time but didn’t  get out the door until late so I arrived a few minutes before the first panel I wanted to go to which was 10 am. I made the mistake of sitting in the lobby and going over the entire schedule. I wrote down all the panels I wanted to go to on Saturday in my notebook so I wouldn’t miss one. And this was particularly important because there was a panel on Victorian Prostitutes I was DYING to go to.


Panel #1 was Empathetic Diversity. Good and thoughtful stuff.

Next I went up to Cover and Interior Illustration. Which was so-so. Not as much information as I was hoping to get from it. I sort of felt like I could have been on the panel and offered a lot more information than the people who conducted it. I would have talked about software, websites, and stock art sites.

The it was time for lunch. BUT at 11 am the hospitality suite was still set up for breakfast. None of the breakfast foods were anything I could eat. I actually brought my own wheat free muffins with me to make my own sandwiches. But the fact there were no sandwich fixings out put a crimp in my plan. I had to kill another hour and use half of the Grimm panel for my lunch time. So that’s what I did. I only caught the last half of the Grimm panel I wanted to go to. The Grimm panel was fun but I missed half of it which was really frustrating. But one of the cool things was that Rosalee’s mom was on the panel and she talked about the audition process.

THEN like an idiot I spaced out on the Victorian Working Girls!!! After writing down a schedule for myself in my notebook I NEVER LOOKED AT IT AGAIN! I ended up going to the panel I had circled then crossed out then put a question mark by in the schedule, which was Indie Publishing 101. Which I pretty much already know!

THEN I turned the page on the schedule and saw that I MISSED the Victorian prostitute panel! ARG!!! So angry!


But I trucked on and went to a panel about LBGT fandom, fans, and media representation.

Then the last panel of the day was Steampunk and Horror. Sadly all but one of the panelists had to cancel! So it was just the woman who is one of the people who runs the Lovecraft film festival in Portland. It was a more conversational panel. But Again, I felt like I would have been a good and knowledgeable panelist.

After dinner I went to the panel that is so far the highlight of the con. It was called Victoria’s Other Secret, and it was about mental healthcare during the Victorian Era and beyond. It was accompanied by an amazing and (for some I suppose) disturbing slide show.The panelist is a mental health nurse so she had unique insights and great information. I took pages and pages of notes! The information was amzing and the panel riveting.

By then it was 6:30 and it was time for dinner. Which was– you guessed it! Another round of homemade muffins with toppings from the con suite. And Monday I am totally leaving them $10 as tip/appreciation/donation for all the food.

Then I sat around until the Art Show Reception. *shiver* I wasn’t sure what to do or anything. I wandered around a lot. Stood awkwardly by my art panels. Hovered on the edge of other people’s conversations. Felt like I should go home. Checked my sales- and huzzah! I actually sold a couple pieces. Though not enough to make up for the cost of panels, gas, art supplies, or well anything I spent going to this con… But fine, whatever!

It took a while but I finally got to talking with people and met several other artists and the highlight of the evening was twofold. I met a woman who had gone on one of the docent tours of the art show with Lee Moyer (the ARTIST) and she said that when he got to my panels he had nothing but good things to say about my paintings! I was so amazed! And happy! THEN Lee Moyer himself came by and told me how much he liked my art!! I was so amazed! I’m familiar with his work and I’ve seen it before at World Fantasy and he does wonderful digital work. We had a really nice talk.Then I talked to a few other artists, including a woman who does wonderful custom soft sculptures (plushes). So check out Pamda Bears for adorable steampunk critters.

And lastly I drove home at 10 or so and got home at 11. It took me until 2 am to get to sleep though. My brain refused to shut off.

I did decide to take today off from the con to sleep in and recuperate before heading back for the final day on Monday! There were only two panels on Sunday (today) I wanted to see and it seems like a waste of time and gas to drive to Portland for only two panels and maybe a little socializing (which I am epically bad at). But I’ll be back on Monday for panels and I have to collect all my unsold art (of which there is a fair amount.)

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