Call your State and Federal Representative

I’m rather “phone shy” and I HATE cold calling anything! I have no idea what to say. So I thought I’d write a basic phone script for anyone out there who wants to call  their representatives but don’t quite know what to say.

It’s kind of generic, and it doesn’t cover everything (there is too much to cover honestly), but it might be a good jumping off point. People can use this and make it their own. Add the issues most dear to your heart.

Feel free to copy this, paste, link, print it out whatever you want.

Also- if you don’t know who represents your state just Google “who represents (name of sate)” and you will get links to their websites. The website should have their phone number and address. Calling is by far the most effective way to reach elected leaders. Someone in their office will HAVE to talk to you.

Don’t just focus on your member of congress either! State politics echo at the federal level! So call ALL of them!

“Hello, my name is ___________ and I’m a voter from city/county/state and I am afraid. I am afraid for my safety and the safety of my rights as well as for the safety and rights of my loved ones. I believe the new presidency represents a dangerous slide into authoritarianism in America. I feel that the republican party will all the petty whims of the new president.

I still believe in equal rights for all of America.

I believe women should have control of their own bodies.

I believe healthcare should be available to everyone.

I believe in marriage rights for LGBTQ couples and their right to be safe.

I believe Black Lives Matter.

I believe immigrants are vital and valuable.

I believe in clean air and water for now, and for future generations.

I believe in renewable energy and phasing out carbon.

And (representative’s name) needs to stand up for human decency because the actual damage that can be done to people’s lives and safety is both real and immediate.

The damage that you personally can do to people is vaster and more devastating than ever before.”



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Dear Democrats in Office

Dear Democrats in office,

We are expecting you to block the Bigot-in-Chief at every turn. Bring congress to a crushing halt. Drag your heels on everything. Filibuster. Dig in. Walk out. Waste time and money. Just like the repulicans did for the eight fucking years. KEEP FROM ACHIEVING ANYTHING! KEEP HIS TEAM OF RACIST IGNORATI FROM ACHIEVING ANYTHING. WORK AGAINST HIM AT EVERY TURN.

Turn and face the racism unleashed! Follow twitter accounts like Shaun King which is chronically the flood of racist attacks all over the country.



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ALL Etsy sales go to charity

OK- this will be prefaced with a lot of negative things about me as an artist- just shut up and let me get there! (I will also post this at a more reasonable hour- I am doing what most of you did last night- stay awake in terror)
So here is my Etsy shop Gothic Dollie
I don’t think this will work. I’m not much of an artists, and every time I do something it pretty much fails. BUT I’m going to try to do the only thing I can do even though I’m not much of an artist and people don’t really buy my art.
In light of the election I am going to donate all the proceeds from my Etsy shop to a different charity every month. It might not be much (probably nothing judging by how often my art sells…) but just in case someone out there wants an ACEO I thought I’d give it a try.
So for this month I’ll donate the proceeds to Planned Parenthood.
In the bizarre event that this actually works I’ll make more ACEOs. It will just be ACEOs- sorry about that, but I need my big paintings to sell at conventions.
I;m also guessing that those of you out there with money are already donating and don’t need to buy ugly art in order to do so… but I thought I’d try since I don’t really have the money to donate to anything….
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Fairy Tale Retellings

I have actually written more than a few of these! And I write about what I learned on Novel Spaces . It’s an interesting process and I happen to enjoy the framework that retellings provide.

If you’d like to delve a little deeper Cat Rambo offers an on-demand class with Rachel Swirsky about turning Old Stories Into New.

Many authors have tackled various fairy tales and they remain a perennial favorite.

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The Exorcist Podcast!

Whoot! I talk about The Exorcist with Howl Out Cast (mostly werewolves but also other stuff) for 3 HOURS! LOL! Well it’s in 3 parts so you can listen at your leisure 🙂

And we don’t just cover The Exorcist, we talk about other TV shows too!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

And I will be back with recaps of The Strain! Too late for it to matter… *sob* but I’ve been so busy!

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The Return of TV!!!!

No, seriously, this summer has been the showhole to end all showholes. BUT TV is back! The fall season has started and the A-list shows are upon us! I have thoughts on them! Lots of thoughts! First my two new favorites!

Favorite new show- The Good Place. For sure The Good Place. It’s hilarious and Kristen Bell is so funny in this and it’s got to be the best new comedy this year.

Second favorite new show- The Exorcist (which I will never spell correctly without looking up…) I have been waiting for this one and so far it is everything I hoped. Moody, interesting, mysterious. A little gory a little weird. I love it.

And the rest:

Designated Survivor- There was no way I wasn’t watching this one. I think I like the idea of a regular person suddenly being elevated to a job they never thought they’d have. Especially one with such heavy responsibility as President.

Pitch- I am THE LAST person anyone (who knows me) would think would be watching a show about baseball. BUT this is the closest to a live action Princess Nine I’ve ever seen. I like drama and I like sports anime (not all of them, but I like the built in conflict sports brings to manga). And surprise twist- her dad was a ghost all the time!! LOL! No seriously, watch it. I’m getting some Field of Dreams vibes. And yes- I have seen Field of Dreams, though not voluntarily. I watched in one of my college film classes.

I’ll post some more updates as the season progresses. I’m waiting on a couple of SyFy shows to start along with the official start of Falling Water- which- how is that NOT basically Inception the TV show?

ALSO- more recaps of The Strain coming soon! I promise!

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You CAN and CAN’T make a living writing

There was an article floating around Facebook the other day by an author named Merritt Tierce. The article’s title is, “I Published My Debut Novel to Critical Acclaim- and Then I Promptly Went Broke” which is pretty self-explanatory. But I have thoughts on this.

The author in question never wrote a second book, instead she spiralled into a circle of guilt and paralyses that lead only to a day job which took all her energy. A few people on Facebook embraced this article as an example of the reality of publishing. But I saw it more as an artist who stabbed themselves in the foot. They COULD have written another novel. They could have gotten a contract for a second novel. They could have done a thousand things differently and made it to full-time author. But they chose, and if you read the article, they did indeed choose, many thoughts and actions that lead to them never writing another a book. There is no way to succeed in publishing without writing another book.

Which brings me to a blog post from Chuck Wendig, which I feel is a sort of counter argument to Merritt Tierce’s article. His article is titled “HERE’S HOW TO FINISH THAT FUCKING BOOK, YOU MONSTER“. It’s the usual amusing and swear filled, yet full of good advice, post that we have come to expect from Chuck Wendig.

In so many ways the two articles compliment each other. One stands as an example of how to fail. One tells us how to fix it. One is the perfectly demonstrates what authors call ‘the sophomore novel blues’, an often crippling doubt that another novel can ever follow the first. The second, again, offer advice on letting go of both the fear of failure and the fear of success.

The choice as always, lies within us. Do you crack under the pressure and never start (or finish) that second novel? Or do you do you damn well write another book, even if it doesn’t live up to the first?

As Merritt Tierce so astutely points out in her article- people don’t pay you to write. They pay for what you’ve already written.

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