Call your State and Federal Representative

I’m rather “phone shy” and I HATE cold calling anything! I have no idea what to say. So I thought I’d write a basic phone script for anyone out there who wants to call  their representatives but don’t quite know what to say.

It’s kind of generic, and it doesn’t cover everything (there is too much to cover honestly), but it might be a good jumping off point. People can use this and make it their own. Add the issues most dear to your heart.

Feel free to copy this, paste, link, print it out whatever you want.

Also- if you don’t know who represents your state just Google “who represents (name of sate)” and you will get links to their websites. The website should have their phone number and address. Calling is by far the most effective way to reach elected leaders. Someone in their office will HAVE to talk to you.

Don’t just focus on your member of congress either! State politics echo at the federal level! So call ALL of them!

“Hello, my name is ___________ and I’m a voter from city/county/state and I am afraid. I am afraid for my safety and the safety of my rights as well as for the safety and rights of my loved ones. I believe the new presidency represents a dangerous slide into authoritarianism in America. I feel that the republican party will all the petty whims of the new president.

I still believe in equal rights for all of America.

I believe women should have control of their own bodies.

I believe healthcare should be available to everyone.

I believe in marriage rights for LGBTQ couples and their right to be safe.

I believe Black Lives Matter.

I believe immigrants are vital and valuable.

I believe in clean air and water for now, and for future generations.

I believe in renewable energy and phasing out carbon.

And (representative’s name) needs to stand up for human decency because the actual damage that can be done to people’s lives and safety is both real and immediate.

The damage that you personally can do to people is vaster and more devastating than ever before.”



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