The Return of TV!!!!

No, seriously, this summer has been the showhole to end all showholes. BUT TV is back! The fall season has started and the A-list shows are upon us! I have thoughts on them! Lots of thoughts! First my two new favorites!

Favorite new show- The Good Place. For sure The Good Place. It’s hilarious and Kristen Bell is so funny in this and it’s got to be the best new comedy this year.

Second favorite new show- The Exorcist (which I will never spell correctly without looking up…) I have been waiting for this one and so far it is everything I hoped. Moody, interesting, mysterious. A little gory a little weird. I love it.

And the rest:

Designated Survivor- There was no way I wasn’t watching this one. I think I like the idea of a regular person suddenly being elevated to a job they never thought they’d have. Especially one with such heavy responsibility as President.

Pitch- I am THE LAST person anyone (who knows me) would think would be watching a show about baseball. BUT this is the closest to a live action Princess Nine I’ve ever seen. I like drama and I like sports anime (not all of them, but I like the built in conflict sports brings to manga). And surprise twist- her dad was a ghost all the time!! LOL! No seriously, watch it. I’m getting some Field of Dreams vibes. And yes- I have seen Field of Dreams, though not voluntarily. I watched in one of my college film classes.

I’ll post some more updates as the season progresses. I’m waiting on a couple of SyFy shows to start along with the official start of Falling Water- which- how is that NOT basically Inception the TV show?

ALSO- more recaps of The Strain coming soon! I promise!

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