The Strain S2 episode 13

The Strain Season 2 episode 13 “Night Train”! The end at last!!

Isn’t night train a cheap liquor? Or a Guns and Roses song? Or both?

Sooo, the human slaughterhouse is progressing nicely.

Yes, it’s a Nazi-I mean European model of processing plant…

We’ll be processing sheeple.


Bye Mr. Satrakian, thanks for all your warmth and human kindness.

Satrakian’s face isn’t built to smile.

Even Fet says goodbye and good riddance Zack.

WE need to stop listening to fucking Coco!

Yeah, you will die, and you will lose everything. The Master isn’t going to put up with your shit!

We will get the Lumen or die trying.

The last train forever! Or at least the last train that won’t be headed to the Master’s sheeple plant.

Whoa, Kelly has let herself go.

Defiance doesn’t go over with Quinlan. Just like bullets.

I think Quinlan is speechifying to the wrong crowd- I don’t think they give two shits about humanity…

Insert a good St Crispin’s day speech from Shakespeare joke here.

That train looks like any weekend Surfliner…

Champagne and auctions! Lets have fun!

Eichhorst don’t NEED no weapons…

Satrakian knows your secret hurts Eichhorst!

OK, enough of the verbal fencing, get to the bid wars!

Enough with the rebar Fet!

Let the bid wars begin!

5 million dollars!

300 million! That went high fast!

Now, who has the most gold!

My money is on the Ancients.

NO! Palmer got it! NO!!! Frak!

Bag it for me, I can’t touch silver.

Oh snap! Palmer withdraws his funding!

Eichhorst is a shitty loser.

Shut up and take the book Satrakian!

Just kiss make out with the Lumen and get it over with Satrakian.

Shouldn’t the auction have been scheduled for earlier?

I’m double crossing the Ancients. But they’ve probably guessed that by now…

Bread truck is toast!

So bread truck escape plan…

Goddammit Eichhorst!

Quinlan rolls up, and cue Eichhorst fleeing yet again.

I guess Satrakian will live to grump another day!

Whoa! Bread truck is SERIOUSLY toasted.

Good GAWD how long have Eph and company been on that train?

Pfft- care to get drunk Eph?

Well, you don’t HAVE to stop for vampires…though their sheer body mass will apparently stop you…

Eichhorst returns to give Palmer what for!

Goddammit Coco- shut up!

Goddammit Palmer- shut up!

Coco’s gotten all full of herself…

Ha! GET sucked Coco!

Apparently you can take weapons on trains…

What about dad? No one cares! Dad is three sheets to the wind already!

Spider kids!

One down…how many are there left? There can’t be that many but they keep on keeping on.

Ugh Zack has to be told everything.

Just give Kelly her shitty kid back!

And by run I mean stop when your mother calls.

Good one Zack! You killed Nora. I hope your happy.

Can Zack just fucking DIE already! He is literally THE WORST.

It’s taking everything in Kelly not to eat Zack’s face.

You died for NOTHING  Nora! I hope your happy too! Zack you ungrateful piece of shit!

OMG! I forgot entirely about Fet and Satrakian! They emerge from the sewers.

Followed immediately by Gus.

The unshakeable Quinlan!

Satrakian knows Quinlan’s sweet spot.

Say goodbye to Nora Eph.

Just chop her head off.

Whoa! Nora went for the third rail! I thought there would be beheading…

Is there anything Fet CAN’T drive?

Satrakian sends us off with a crap ton of narration.

The End!

Onward! To season 3!

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