The Strain S2 episode 12

Episode 12 “Fallen Light”

Flashback- Not that Long Ago

Samwise! I miss him…

Ephraim will burn your barn down!


USAMRIID is NOT just all about bioweapons!

How would you like to work under me? I mean–

Whoa! They still have phone calls!

Zack, no one is safe in Georgia.

Just ship Zack off so we never have to see him again.

Do we want to know where Augustin got the bus?


But seriously- the odds they are alive seems very poor…

Also- why would criminals care about fighting vampires?

Score! Angel still has the cross-shaped brass knuckles!

Ugh Zack…

Nora judges Eph with her judgey eyes.


Samwise- voice of reason!

Dutch is outtie! But with regrets.

Nikki- your prize is an obnoxious hacker!

That was a very long goodbye kiss…

Mayor 1% is still disgruntled!

Paid in loot is fine.

It’s a beheading tax.

Really? We still have DAs and due process? Aren’t we a little past that by now?

Captain Henchman- throw the mayor to the curb!

And the jail is just full of vampires… and at least one abusive guard…

Who maybe should have been nicer to his prisoners.

Wow, that was the world’s easiest jailbreak.

Sooo, basically your plan is to become a pirate Gus…

Satrakian and Fet, field trip for the Lumen part 5

Mr Creem is wise to the cane.

The Lumen, at last! AGAIN.

OMG Satrakian, just marry the Lumen already.

Price has gone up from one priceless watch to Eldritch Palmer.

Creem is making bucks off the apocalypse.

Humans are the worst!

OMG! Finally bid wars!!

Paid in gold?! How are you going to carry all that??

Murder is fun!

NOW it’s a jailbreak with vampires!

Don’t kick the heads! Did no one tell you about the worms?

Dissention in the ranks already. Quelle suprise…

Bus it is.

You never wanted Zack back, Eph. You just wanted to stick it to your ex.

Whoa, Quinlan has plush digs.

The ancients have deep pockets, despite their lack of pants!

Justine the Impaler prepares for politicking.

Mayor 1% is dead!? But who will look after the interests of the city’s wealthy now?

Palmer will put Justine the Impaler on the throne! Or whatever passes for government at this point.

Justine might not have time for your petty concerns at this point Eph.

You will call me EMPRESS Justine!

OMG! Who cares who goes to the Lumen auction?

Palmer, you are a fucking idiot.

The hole in Dutch’s plan- Nikki might not want her back.

Guess Nikki doesn’t want to kill vampires for the rest of her life.

Justine even knows what a bioreactor is?


My hobbit love is no laughing matter! Now, who wants second dinner?

Don’t bang on my table- I eat there.

I don’t think Eph deserves to be happy.

So Eph waited one day after the divorce was filed to bang Nora? Classy.

Travel papers from the Impaler have come through!

Eph can’t be left alone on trains.

“I never stopped loving you” But I also never stopped banging other people.

Where the fuck did Quinlan get that apartment?!?! Is it even an apartment? Is it a waiting room? Office?

You shut your filthy mouth Quinlan! Satrakian is our last hope!

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