The Strain S2 episode 11

Season 2 Episode 11 “Dead End”

Dutch, meet Eichhorst’s play room. Play room, Dutch.

And we are joined by, well I just brought him here for cocktails…

What are you going to do with me? Everything. Everything except anything involving your junk, which fell off years ago…

Cold-cocked Satrakian finally wakes up. Going to do something useful yet old man?

I totes saved your life Fonescu- you owe me one Lumen bitch.

Eichhorst just wants a friendly chat?!

Can you maybe NOT tell me about yourself Eichhorst?

Also- overcompensating much?

You’re right. Dutch doesn’t understand not getting laid.

Ewww, flashback Eichhorst…

He’s a door to door salesman!?

And not actually terrible at it…

Oop- economic trouble in Germany cockblocks Eichhorts’s career.

Always be selling yo.

Courage, strength and leadership are not attributes normally associated with door-to-door sales…

Gus and Anya sitting in a tree…

And that’s a lot more than kissing…

Are you sure this is the right Mayfield? Mayflower? Whatever that hotel is called… I was hoping for a lot less um… military presence…

Yes Anya- time to go so some actual plot can happen.

Let’s commemorate out desperate flight from the vampire apocalypse with selfies!

Saved by architecture! Again…

Pay me back Fonescu! I command you!

It’s Fonescu’s time to shine! Fonescu is smart!

I got your credentials right here. Oh, seriously? For real credentials.. OK…

Aaaand you’ll never get rid of Angel now…

Eichhorst was totes serious about those cocktails…

Flashback Eichhorst… again… look, we still don’t like him and romancing the Helga isn’t helping…

Eichhorst’s true calling is… Nazis! Duh!

Oops, anti-semitism doesn’t go over well with a Jewish date…

Pineapple flavoured Dutch.

The pineapple is non-negotiable.

Satrakian is going to die in Fonescu’s shitty apartment due to a total lack of friends.

Dutch is good with her toes.

Dance off- pants off.

Is it me, or is Eichhorst going through some shit and using Dutch to work it out on…

Mace to the FACE.


Eichhorst might as well just take his face off.

Franklin D. had a private subway line?

Dutch finally found the stairs…

To no avail…

I like playing with my food- you’ve been awesome.

Fet- it’s brick…like your head!

Finally, the dynamite fetish proves useful!

No Eichhorst for you!

Deportation is the better option Helga- take it.

Bow before me former office boss!!

Yikes- apparently deportation meant lynching in early WW2 Germany.

Wow! Creem holds ALL of Roosevelt Island.

I have the Necronimcon- I mean the Lumen…

Medieval biohazard sign…


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