The Strain S2 episode 10

The Strain Season 2 episode 10 “The Assassin”

I seem to have badly miscalculated the time until premier and have 4 episodes left to recap! But bare with me!

Dutch can’t skate by on her looks?! Sorry show, your casting is bullshit…

Mayor 1% and Justine the Impaler- I predict this is NOT the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship…

Justine the Impaler totes schools the 1%

Oop- and STILL trying to buy the Necronomicon!

So if we find it might hurt us? And we seriously want to buy  it?

Palmer, slumming it in a walk-up.

Coco lives in the walk-up! Figures sex would be the only thing to get Palmer to walk up stairs.

Pfft- you sank further and further into your fucking money Palmer. Shut up!

Come back to me Coco sounds like a French movie about a dog.

OMG! Satrakian is just hitting every Fonescu in the phonebook! LOL! He’s systematic if nothing else.

First beheading of the day!

The vampires are just too lazy to turn of the techno…

Wrong Fonescu.

Dutch is just dodging her boner problems.

Mayor 1% is unhappy with the Impaler.

Justine the Impaler is going to rule them all. She is the Duke of New York! A number One!

How is Palmer supposed to fix everyone’s goddamn problems?

A window for assassinating Palmer opens and who wants to bet Eph will blow it AGAIN like he has everything thus far. Well, carry on anyway.

How Fonescu’s down? Book shop seems pretty on the money though.

It’s robbery if we just BORROW the book…

Oh Eph… you are just the worst killer…

And why hasn’t Dutch left Eph to fuck his shit up alone?!?! I mean seriously! Right now is the perfect time for “I’ll meet you back at Fet’s”.

How is Justine the Impaler the only person who can clean up NYC?

It doesn’t take 2 to assassinate someone…

Eph is the WORST sniper ever.

I suppose it’s too much to hope Coco is dead…

The cops zeroed in on Eph pretty quickly.

“I got him?” What?! How did he know?

Dutch and Eph- sucking at crim since last year…

Breaking news at the book store- Eph and Dutch are shit at crime.

Satrakian cares NOT at all.

Fine- I’ll get the Lumen on my own- traitors!

We don’t murder people? But you CAN…

Oh shit Eichorst! Offering condolences or general assholery?

The Master totes better my girlfriend or I won’t play anymore!

Coco might be a veggie.

Eph and Dutch. cellies forever!

Oop- Dutch get’s to be tortured first.

Private audience with Palmer.

Coco’s possibly brain dead- then what was she before?!?

Soooo Palmer just wanted to help the environment by bringing on the vampire apocalypse?

Even Eph knows Palmer’s not the Mater’s BFF.

Satrakian’s still riffling through the bookshop just in case. Why doesn’t he just wait for Mr. Creem?

Beheading number two!

Wrong Fonescu AGAIN.

Nooooo! Don’t save Coco! Stupid The Master!

“I am his partner” No Eldritch… no you aren’t…

Don’t bother putting down your candy bar.

Worst jailbreak ever…

Or a really good diversion…

Dutch has been delivered to… a hotel? It’s either as creepy as it sounds or worse…

FINALLY Fonescu the fourth (or fifth)

Holy shit he found the Necronomicon! I mean Lumen.

Book is totes in good shape too.

Dumbass Satrakian!

Oh shit! Eichorst has Dutch! That is worse…

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