The Strain S2 episode 9

The Strain season 2 episode 9 “The Battle for Red Hook”

(My question is who wants it?)

Eichorst needs a ferryman.

Private party of vampires!

Eichorst and Kelley are new BFFs.

The plan is to do what the title of the episode is.

And weird new opening credits halfway through the season.

Yes, Zack, we have to talk about how stupid you are.

I have a better idea- why don’t we fucking run for it?

Impaler Feraldo will help us!

Knowing HOW to use a sniper rifle doesn’t make you a sniper Eph.

Dutch does some light welding in the living room- HOW is the apartment not on fire? Isn’t that more of an outdoor activity?

And how DO you feel Dutch?

Awkward Fet/Dutch/Nikki triangle is awkward.

And it’s not getting less awkward. Just go for the triad or shut up already.

Satrakian and Eph are the WORST feildtrippers.

Maybe you’ll have the luxury of remaining human AFTER the vampire apocalypse. For now just kill shit.

Mayor 1% wants to save the Upper East side for the rest of the 1%

And all is lost once Satrakian mentions the Master. Keep that shit to yourself old man!

Vampires- party of 20.

Pay the man in face-eating.

Did Fet teach you welding bitch?

Aaaand the honeymoon is over…What are they even fighting over?

But first- fight sex, or make-up sex, or apocalypse sex…

Vampires can totes work a power plant.

Thanks Eph, Captain Obvious as usual.

And there go the lights.

Mayor 1% runs for the hills.

Shouldn’t SOMEONE be heading for the power plant. Like now?

The Impaler just added General Impaler to her titles.

Finally! They head for the power plant.

Satrakian don’t need no power plant, he has a date with Eichorst.

Ewwww… afterglow…

“Something terrible is happening” that seems like a given…

“You’re just one girl” Fuck. You. Nikki.

No, not like coyotes.

They had a vantage point this entire time?!?!?

OMG- get over yourself- you’re Justin the Impaler for fuck’s sake!

Ummm, maybe leave someone at the vantage point?

Powerplant shooting gallery.

Kelley didn’t fix her face very well…

We fight or we die?!?! Really selling it aren’t you Justine?

ALSO- why didn’t the UV lights have backup generators?

“You have a handle on this” ?!?! They’ve looked over the power plant controls for three seconds!

I like how NO ONE at the battle has any protective gar to keep worms off themselves.

Power plants are totes EASY.

Just flip switches until something happens!

Well that was a short battle…

Power holding steady- because we are so good at doing power plants!

Oop- Kelly wants her crappy son, FOR STILL NO GOOD REASON.


Worms are still the best defense.

Eichorst wonders if he’s late for the party…

Satrakian wants a street fight!

Good GAWD Eph- aim much?

Is now the time for a discussion about Eph’s last name?

I’m somehow impressed Eichorst knows what the dead sea smells like?

Eph- did you not even know how many bullets your rifle holds?!

Well, they ALMOST got Eichorst… which counts NOT AT ALL.

Nikki saved my life- are we a threesome now?

No Justine- today is NOT a turning point. It’s like day 1 of the war.


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