The Strain S2 episode 8

Season 2 episode 8 “Intruders”

I feel pretty, oh so pretty- Eichorst likes giving makeovers WAY too much.

I think we can agree that ALL our plans are stupid.

Eph goes sniper on Palmer’s ass…

Why do I suspect that Eph’s attempt to buy a sniper rifle will go horribly sideways…

Ewww! The afterglow….

No Coco, you CANNOT handle the truth.

Taking Zack on errands will also not end well…

No, Nora, I didn’t throw my ex-boss from a train that I was suspiciously on.

Fet and Satrakian on yet ANOTHER field trip during which Satrakian berates Fet for his penis.

Shut up Zack, just shut the hell up.

Oh Eph, taking your son to buy guns- someone better die dammit.

So all the gun dealers have guns… and gunshot wounds.

Zack has over-sold my doctoring skills…

Darn it, they have everything needed on hand.

Cardinal 1% brings news of the Necronimi-Occido Lumen…


Eichorst could totes eat that Cardinal.

Get the fuck out Coco.

OMG Palmer- cut your losses and stop gaming Eichorst.

Gus and Angel ride forth for… spices…

Spices and vampires…

Oops, Fet and Satrakian’s field trip is to Cardinal 1%

Who won’t take a bloody hint.

Desperate times call for robbing clergymen.

Eph tries desperately to recall his surgical training now don’t let that blade slip and plant itself in Zack’s neck… dammit…

Eph’s ex-wife is feeling pretty… pretty bad at passing for human!

Vampire diversion worked- into Red Hook she goes.

Apparently surgery went well if he’s stapling shut Mr. Wu.

And OMG the Wu’s are prepared for everything!

You can pay me in sniper rifles.

No Eph, dissecting frogs doesn’t count.

And NO you can’t save your damn Mom!! Shut up shut up shut up!

Oh Guptas… The vampire apocalypse isn’t temporary.

And how does EVERYONE have time for romance!?! Looking at you now Augustin…

Kissus interuptus…


Quinlan don’t take no bullets.

“It’s OK baby” we’re at “baby” after one kiss and three days of knowing each other?

Yes! Finally! Quinlan, voice of reason and intelligence!

Oh snap! Eichorst is going to rob Cardinal 1% before Satrakian gets to him!

I don’t know if Cardinal 1%’s life is worth 1 million dollars…

Shouldn’t Cardinal 1% be running instead of praying?

Just cut his damn head off Satrakian.

OK NOW chop his damn head off.

Yes Coco PLEASE shut up!

Oop- sex DENIED.

Hey Zack- still petulant?

Eph sucks as a dad- I think we’ve established that Nora.

Oh shit- mommy’s home!

I totes killed Barnes- and like 4 other people, but  the rest were just collateral damage, swearsies.

Little pig, little pig, let me in… I mean Zack, let me in…

There’s so much I have to eat your face.

Goddammit Zack!

Gah! Spider Kids!

Kelly’s face is showing…

Also- go Nora!


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