The Strain S2 ep 7

The Strain Season 2 episode 7 “The Born”

Open on Gladiator!

Soooo is this guy The Daywalker or what? I mean he’s kind of… not exactly human looking…

Sooo Daywalker…

LOL! Senator Dark Arts.

As usual the Romans all have British accents.

Pffft!! OMG he IS The Daywalker!

OK, just have to sidetrack here, if there is ONE hybrid (be it Blade or this guy) part human part demon/vampire, than there is bound to be more than one! If you can make one once, you can make one again! And you can make them on purpose. Stop pretending like in the entire history of the world this only ever happened once.

Ewww Sir Exterminator and his girlfriend.

Yeah! Where WAS she last night while Nora almost got eaten by Spider Kids?

Really? The world is ending and commitment is your biggest issue?

And didn’t we already go to Hacker’s apartment last season?

Didn’t they leave a vampire in there?

My girlfriends back and your going to be in trouble…

Ugh, Coco…

Coco, go make tea while I conspire.

Oop- bioweapon contained…Sph failed again, quelle suprise…

The good news is you can catch Eph with a box on a stick baited with bourbon.

Where’d he get a giant band-aid bar?

Yeah… Eph is a ‘leave the bottle’ kind of guy…

Fet awkwardly tries to be nice to his girlfriend’s girlfriend.

Oh Fet. you’ll always have that pool you guys banged in…

Nikki my roommate?!?

The what about us conversation is NOT what happened! LOL! It’s the missing money conversation.

“I gotta go back to her” both literally and figuratively.

Satrakian gets cranky when no one does his bidding.

OMG! Satrakian doesn’t care about your bedroom issues!

Mystery factory isn’t very secure…


What the shit?! How is Eph back already!?!?

No seriously how is drunk Eph back from DC?!?!

Satrakian found the origin of the Spider Kids.

Oop and there’s one left.

Oops, there are a bunch of them left.

Oh snap- thus endeth the Spider Kids.

Crap- back to Palmer and his flirtations.

Oh shut up Palmer- the vampire apocalypse is NOT a chance renewal.

The Ancients are Satrakian’s hype men.

Gladiator Quinlan?!

Has been hunting the Master for… I’m just going to say ever. And apparently he’s SHIT at it or he would have killed the Master by now.

Your vigilance belies a deeper concern… my speeches.

Quinlan BETTER be their new BFF.. oh please, oh please, oh please…

Fet- blow shit up! I command you!

Eph awakens from the sleep of the drunk who has no idea how he got home.

Stop asking him what happened Nora, the answer is always stupid.

Oh Fet, you do love a bomb threat.

LOL! The Master kept Bolivar’s goth coat.

Eichorst is the Master’s old new lap-dog.

Oh for pete’s sake! The Master is after the plot from Blade one that ended up on the cutting room floor, he’s setting up a factory to process people so he can have all the blood he wants, – can we just kill something already.

Or we could just blow up the building and let everyone get away…

Good timing Fet.

How is Zack happy to see Eph? He’s never happy to see him.

Yeah, I don’t think Zack is getting the whole “your mom is going to eat your face” thing…

Fet and Satrakian return untriumphant and ashamed.

OMG Fet- low blow. Also keep your fat mouth shut Eph.

Nikki destabilized the ENTIRE group!

Ugh, Palmer and Coco… I’m waiting for this to get gross…

“I’m learning so much from you” Like old men are easy…

Palmer never had the good health to get it on? Like with anyone? Or just long-term?

Yes- shut up Eldritch (which is STILL NO ONE’S NAME EVER).

And things just got gross…

Satrakian reads up on the Daywalker- I mean Gladiator, I mean Quinlan.

Eph and Fet drown their troubles in booze and vengeance.


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