The Strain S2 ep 6

The Strain Season 2 episode 6 “Identity”

“Get stung” is the new black

Squee! Another Cobra Commando!

2,000 pounds of shrimp?! Sign me up!

WTF- random vomit!

Holy shit! Is Eph’s DC drinking buddy Lucifer?!?!

We need to fast track my bioweapon!


Good- take your stupid face and go eat in your room Zack.

Nora, you’re not his mom, let Zack figure out his dad is an asshole on his own.

Gus and Angel- BFFs!

Climb down off that horse Angel, someone needs the meat.

Eph not drinking? It really IS the end of the world.

Everett Barnes “fell off a train” that I was on…but it was just coincidence…

Promise me to kill three million vampires!

And another good friend lost her mother! Forgot about Nora pretty quick didn’t we.

Lucifer cottons on to Eph’s murderous ways.


That scene was incredibly unnecessary.

So Gus just lives at the Indian restaurant now…

Delivering food in an apocalypse is non-negotiable.

Can you measure your dicks later? We have food to deliver.

OMG Angel, shut up.

Also, that is REALLY expensive Indian Food.

Not quite a beheading, but I’ll take it.

Lucifer is a liar in every show he’s in.

Bioweapons AWAY!

Eph is left with no choice but to get laid.

I didn’t think it was possible for Eph to drink too much…

I won’t give away my bioweapon to big pharma.

And back to the Cobra Commando! As he cusses out the Ancients.

Sooo, the Ancients could have taken out the Master and they just sat on this until he brings on the Apocalypse? Way to go… Now put some pants on!

Justine the Impaler! Needs coffee…

Eichorst (how is that even spelled? I should know this by now)- Anyway, never let Nazi’s build ANYTHING…

How does Palmer think he is anything other than a cockroach? Shouldn’t his impressive sense of self-preservation tell him not to yank the chain of a centuries old monster? Is this in the book? Is there a good reason for any of this?

Anyway- back to Eph and his WMDs…

Palmer is not the one to ask to manufacture t=your bioweapon…

Yay! Our plans for bioterror have succeeded!

Meanwhile back in Red Hook… Spider kids! Spider kids!

Church ain’t locked for long!

Satrakian and company roll out.

Well, church isn’t very defendable is it…

Reinforcements arrive just in time as dictated by the plot.

Fitzwilliam! No!

He actually wasn’t that much help..

Satrakian don’t care about your final words.

Eph needs to celebrate with drink and sex and drink.

Pffft- the long story is Eph is a murderer.

Finding dead bodies is what you get for getting busy in someone else’s house.

Oop! so much for Eph’s side piece.

Guess its back to Nora now.

Get over yourself Eichorst. No one wants your body.

Ha! Told you! Bolivar for the win!

Jealous much Eichorst? Gonna cry now? Cry baby! Cry!

Always a bridesmaid, never the bride.

Oh shit, he seriously is crying…

We’ll be together forever?!? OMG just kiss him!

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