The Strain S2 ep 5

S2 ep 5 “Quick and Painless”

Open on- Red Hook mandatory evacuation. This will go awesomely well…

And we found drugs, and vampires, and drugs.

That kid is going to eat your face…

Or your knee…

Anytime anyone tells you you’re going to be fine you aren’t.

Pint size vampires pack a wallop.

Tiny killer vamps still love too.

Nice to see the vampire apocalypse hasn’t put a damper on leather bars. Seriously- is there nothing else you could be doing with your time?

Eph needs a new name that’s not Ephram.

Satrakian is out on another field trip- can’t leave him alone for a minute.

This is NOT a sword cane, just sayin’.

I’m looking to buy the Necronim- Lumen Occido- oh never mind.

Sword cane scores again.

OMG Eph, do you ever get tired of explaining your plans to everyone all the time.

Ugh- Zack. No seriously ugh! Child actor the second is worst than child actor the first. This one if 5x more petulant.

Yes, leave Zack behind, maybe we’ll be blessed with a Zack-free episode.

Oop- forgot Fet went to jail under the Staten Island Impaler’s regime.

Don’t barber drunk…

Really? Isn’t shaving your head just going to make your big dumb face even more obvious Eph?

LOL! No one will look in this urn of fake ashes for my bio weapon.

No, you can’t get a hug.

The Sovereign Nation of Staten Island jail.

Quarantine- we can fix that!

Nora to the rescue!

In exchange for my knowledge I demand the return of Sir Exterminator.

Staten Island jail consists of a card game?

You so DO get off on damaging your inner ear.

Yes with a dynamite fetish…

We bring you weapons and knowledge and a plot turn!

Spider kids, spider kinds, do whatever a spider can.

Smooth shoving to the front Eph.

You look mildly suspicious but I’m going to let you through.

Of course he goes straight for the booze- into a trap! Baited with beer. Sure 3 is enough?

How likely was it that a man named Mr. Creem would have the Occido in the first place?

Goddammit Eph- John Crowley? Why not go right for Alistaire?

Why didn’t Eph just lock himself into the bathroom?!? Trains HAVE bathrooms…

Nora does science! Or just wanders around with a UV light…

Meanwhile in Red Hook, Sir Exterminator is now DEPUTY Sir Exterminator.

They’re in the walls!!

Go ahead Fet, stick your head in the vent.

Well, we need to save this block, we just didn’t say it had to look good…

What happened to “Don’t waste the silver grenades I was never able to make very many.”

No councilwoman Impaler, you don’t want to wait until he turns.Mostly because it’s really gross.

Satrakian STILL isn’t home from his field trip.


Just hide in the fucking bathroom Eph!



Just couldn’t NOT brag could you Eph…

And D’oh! again!

Lying ex-boss is lying.

But not for long…

Let’s Double Indemnity this bitch!

Throw Mama from the Train. Ha! Two old movie references!

Gahh! Palmer! …. and Coco….goddammit…

Oh fuck you NY 1% assholes! Giving him an ovation.

Oh shit! Cardinal 1% has the Necronomicon!

What’s that Coco? You don’t know what’s going on? Quelle suprise…

OMG- is Palmer’s inappropriate sense of humor not clue enough he’s evil??

And maybe you should SHUT THE FUCK UP Coco.

DANCE? I thought they were talking about sex…

Glad you can fiddle while NYC burns-literally.

Eph made it to DC with only killing one person!

Oop- the DVR cut off the episode! Crap! I guess that’s it folks!

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