The Strain S2 ep4

S2 episode 4: The Silver Angel

Open on: Mexican wrestling! I don’t even have anything funny to add to this… except maybe someone needs to revive the vampire hunting Mexican wrestler subgenre of film for real… Think about it!

Also I’d like to find out once and for all exactly how many castles Mexico has. (I am serious by the way)

The Silver Angel fake-fights Torgo.

Digging the cross shaped brass knuckles!

I used to be a STAR! It’s the pictures that got small!

Bread truck!!!

Vampire plague deliver service.

You know the Master sees through their eyes right? So he knows about your vampire wrapped gift of plague…

FINALLY a beheading!!!

And there’s nothing creepy about a vampire infested mental hospital at all…

Gus!!! Your Cobra Commandos are dead…I’m so sorry!

Still, a man’s gotta eat…

WTF GUS!!! You’ve never had Indian food!?!? And you live in NYC!

Fitzwilliam time!!!

Satrakian and Velders go on a field trip!

Now entering the sovereign nation of Staten Island. All vampires will be impaled by order of her majesty the Staten Island Impaler.

Oooh! Fitzwilliam the elder!

Youngish Satrakian is on the case of the Necro- Occido Lumen…

How did vampires just HAPPEN upon a nunnery at the same time as Detective Vampire Hunter and Douchebag Watson?

They find a convenient plot point in the cupboard I mean a survivor…

Gaaahh! Nazi!!

Silhouetted beheadings don’t count!

How is 40% of this series just chasing down shitty children?

Flaming monk.

The exact moment Palmer turns EVIL.

Pffft! Palmer isn’t in it to make to friends!

Gus goes home- but you know what they say, if you go home again it will be crawling with vampires.

And since when has reason worked on vampires Gus? Just kill your mom already!

The Master has your number Augustin!!

Just kill your mom!

Out of smart ass remarks Augustin?

Fet need food- this doesn’t even deserve a comment.

Go play with your shitty child actor, he needs your attention…

Is there anything fun left to do NYC?

Feraldo the Impaler is coming to take Redhook.

Father son bonding is a fail.

So waiting for a human head to come out of that pitching machine.

OMG! SHUT UP EPH- let him pitch!!

OMG, your happy memories are boring! Yes leave now!

Ugh Palmer, stop speechifying! Not everything needs a speech!

Here comes vampire chow!

The brothers Fitzwilliam!

Oop- Satrakian and Velders here to reign on the Fitzwilliam parade.

NO- don’t help the save city! You’re a tertiary character and will die! (And also he’s on Dark Matter now…)

Climb down off that high horse Satrakian…

Yes! Once you have tasted curry there is no going back! Also they are the only open restaurant…

Wow… you met Augustin once! Put those eyes back in your head.

Cockblocked by Mom!!

Gus wants his mommy back…

The washed up actor has opinions!

What the hell? Angel ain’t her dad.

I recognized you by your physique, which has gone to shit…

I was never a B-movie actor! You take that back!

(Please tell me he still has those brass knuckles)

Check up on the vampire plague.

Fet out!

Mostly he just wants to blow shit up.

Finger’s crossed our plague worked, and…

Yes! Science for the win!

Oop- nope- told you the Master has a handle on this.

Eph is either insane or happy…

Is is possible for Fet to get creepier… Yes. Yes it is…

Vigilante police-ish brutality… There are no more rules…

Oh Eph… Eph, Eph, Eph…

Mommy vamp’s hound dogs are on the case.

She can smell Zack’s bad acting anywhere!

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