The Strain: S2 ep2 Recap

Season 2 episode 2: By Any Means

Illegal human experimentation for the win!

Dear Satrakian- Love you, from Fet.

Flashback 65! One time I had a real job.

Gah!!! It’s little baby Palmer!

You believe in vampires and so do I- let’s have babies- I mean–

Let’s go find that sword cane!

Mr and Mrs You’ll be Dead Soon

Can we experiment on you? It’ll be fun! And it’s for science!!

Mayoring is totes hard.

Oh I am going to go Medieval on Staten Island’s ass.

Oh Palmer you old stalker you.

And of course we will start clearing out the building with the indoor pool first.

Gym rats sure have changed…

Gross- stop flirting! You two are the worst.

Shouldn’t the silver grenades be saved for an ACTUAL emergency?

It’s night time and you broke into the gym which means there is a gaping hole in the front door and you have time to ignore vampires and bang? The awkward answer to that is yes…

Defensive much Satrakian?

Illegal human experimentation gets Satrakian’s seal of approval

Flashback 65- Let me show you my stash of Nazi antiques.

I’m just here for the cane.

Oops- Nazi cover blown! Satrakian has you now.

That’s a pretty swanky chase.

Sword cane is mine now bitch!

Oh crap! Shitty kid the second!

No I don’t want to explain my plan to my shitty child actor the second.

Don’t drink and science!

You don’t get to back out of being guinea pigs by dying.

Old man flips out!

Flashback 65- Palmer wants the Necr-I mean Occido Lumen.

The way to a man’s heart is through endowments.

Back to sciencing! To no avail.

Vampire’s are awesomely impervious to everything.

Stop drinking and sciencing Eph!

Science babble.


Palmer’s food trap- I mean food distribution center…

Free Vampire chow center.

Speech enough for you Coco?

Shut up old man!

Why do you need my blood type? So we know which wine you’ll pair with best.

Chop his fucking head off Satrakian!

Ninja escape from grocery store!

Flashback 65- Oh crap! Nazi vamp in swanky 60s turtleneck.

Whaaat? Fuhrer?!?! A vampire has no political agenda but eating people!

Sciencing montage!

Oh GODDAMMIT shitty child actor! I hope your character fucking dies in the face!

Find my son- No one else wants him anyway!

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