Westercon Day 3 (technically 4)

paris-nightI skipped day three so today was my Day 3 but today was actually Day 4 of the con. Either way it was the last day of Westercon! Time for the last few panels and one final turn around the dealer’s room.

First panel in the morning was Indie and Hybrid Authors. They talked about the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Then I went to the NIWA (Northwest Independent Writers Association) meet and greet. I think I’ll be joining that organization, they are doing lots of good things for Indie authors! And things like this are one of the reasons I moved to the Pacific Northwest. And on July 16 they are having a book fair!!

After that I ate lunch and left my donation for the hospitality suite and their good works.

Last panel of the day was called Someone Else’s Universe and was all about writing media tie-in books. It was really interesting and it could have gone on longer and I don’t think anyone would have minded.

Once I’d seen all the panels I went to the art show to see how check out was going. It was pretty early and people were paying for the work they bought including mine:) So I decided go spend what little money I had left.

On the first day I saw a book called Bestiary edited by Ann Vandermeer and it haunted me the entire weekend. I HAD to buy a copy so I bought it! It was $30 but it’s out of print so I’m glad I found a copy. Then I wondered around and talked to some of the Indie authors I saw on panels and met many new ones. It was great to talk to people. I bought one more book The Girl and the Clockwork Cat by Nikki McCormack.

By then the art show had cleared out and I picked up my work. But not before meeting the head of the Orycon art show who wants my art at Orycon! Wow!! So much positive feedback on my art this weekend! My head is spinning! I also got a good lecture on how I need to double my prices! So even though I din’t feel like I’d under-valued my art apparently I’m STILL undervaluing it a lot! So I guess I’ll be charging more for  my work now!

Final thoughts: I really enjoyed this con! It wasn’t perfect, but no con is. There was lots to do and buy and I enjoyed meeting so many people! People were friendly and really nice and the con was laid back enough to afford some downtime. But I’m realizing I think I CAN be on panels. Not all of them of course. But I think I need to start building more of a presence. I AM published, I DO do things and write things and know things. So maybe I’m not as horribly unqualified for everything as I think.

So until next time adieu!



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2 comments on “Westercon Day 3 (technically 4)
  1. winterelf2 says:

    sounds like a great con! I’m glad you got good feedback from you art. I am curious on what you did for this con 🙂 How many did you sell?

    • chexgilson says:

      I did all watercolors and I sold about 8 pieces out of 18 though one piece was NFS. They were different sizes and only one of the bigger 8×10 paintings sold. But 3 4x6s and about 4 5×7 sold.

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