Why you SHOULD shop Amazon this month

The publishing industry hates Amazon. Independent book stores hate Amazon. Yes, we should all hate Amazon. It is a mega corporation gutting profits from authors and publishers. Interested only in itself and it’s bottom line. It’s faceless corporate evil with a slightly smiley box.

BUT for independent presses and indie authors it’s often the only mode of distribution! And sadder yet, the only mode that sells. Unless an author has the huge advantage of being published by one of The Big Five and their imprints, or a mid-level independent press which has the ability to place their books in book stores (which is not that easy- trust me!), then Amazon is often the only way for small press authors and intrepid self-publishers to get their books into the hands of readers.

Buying books in a books store has itself become a luxury these days. I know this because I don’t have a bookstore within 40 miles of where I live. And it is the luxury of authors published by major publishers to preach against Amazon. For the rest of us it is a deal with the devil that we have to make or we may never see our books in print/on e-reader ever.

So, by not buying books- particularly indie books on Amazon you are hurting the small timers, the self-publishers, the people without publishing contracts and agents. Yes, buy all means- buy those big  name authors from ANYONE but Amazon. If the indie press you want to buy that book from has a good online store, then yes- buy from the publisher!

BUT if that indie press doesn’t have a store, or the website just gives you a link to Amazon, or the book is self published and only available as an Amazon e-book, then hit that ‘buy’ button on the evil Amazon and know that you have helped a small time author get one step closer to their very big dreams.

And remember, violent werewolf fiction makes a great holiday gift!

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